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Rajasthan - Padharo Mhare Desh

Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist hot spots in India. The Camel Festival and other cultural festivals, as well as their folk songs, are well known. The state has some of the most beautiful mountain forts in the world. The art, architecture, folk music, and other cultural events attract hundreds of tourists to this state every year.

Rajasthan is famous for its camels and folk dances. The Rajasthan deserts make it one of the unique travel destinations in India. If you miss Rajasthan, your travel plan is not complete.

Rajasthan's top tourist destinations:

When it comes to travel destinations in Rajasthan, one can say that every corner of Rajasthan has got a piece of history and art to tell a tale of its past. With its colourful craftsmanship on the walls, art on the vibrant garments, and the melody in the music of sarangi, your trip to Rajasthan is going to be filled with excitement.

The most attractive locations to be visited here in Rajasthan are:

  • Ajmer
  • Chittorgarh
  • Bharatpur
  • Alwar
  • Kumbhalgarh
  • Shekavati
  • Bundi
  • Neemrana
  • Ranakpur
  • Nathdwara
  • Fatehpur
  • Kimsar
  • Naval Gargh
  • Rajsamand
  • Junjuhunu
  • Mnadva
  • Osian
  • Sikar
  • Churu
  • Kota
  • Deeg
  • Jalwar

Cultural Festivals in Rajasthan:

Rajasthan is the epicentre of cultural activities and festivals. Besides, there are many fairs and events that are organised every year. During these seasons, tourists come by the hundreds from across the world to enjoy themselves here. Whether it is dance, music, or other local cultural flavours and fests, you will have plenty to enjoy from morning to evening once you arrive in this dream tourist destination.

The important festivals are:

  • Teej Festival
  • The International Kite Festival
  • Jaipur Literature Festival
  • Elephant Fair
  • Winter Festival
  • Summer Festival
  • Brij Holi
  • Urs Festival
  • Camel Fair in Pushkar
  • International Folk Festival of Rajasthan
  • Kolayat Fair
  • Mewar Festival
  • Kumbhalgarh Festival
  • Bundi Festival
  • Matsya Festival
  • Desert Festival
  • Nagaur Cattle Fair
  • Baneshwar Festival
  • Chandrabhaga Fair

Famous Folk Dances in Rajasthan:

Rajasthani folk music is awesome; it touches your heart. If you come to Rajasthan, you have to attend the events filled with Rajasthani folk music and dances. They are gorgeous.

Folk music instruments are an integral part of the Rajasthani culture. One should visit the museum where all these folk music instruments are exhibited. They have a past and they inspire the present.

The few instruments we can highlight here are:

Ektara, Morchang, Sarangi, Rawanhattha, Kamayacha, Nagaras, Dhols, and Damrus in all sizes and shapes, Poongi, Algoza, Tarpi, Been, Bankia, and Shehnai, Baara, Jantar, Ghoralio, Thali, Garasiyas, Jaltall.

All are traditional, and the art of their plying really is a magical attraction for anyone who visits Rajasthan.

The Rajasthani folk dancers have already got enough popularity in global art and cultural circles.

This art is famous for its unique art form without having any stains from modern dances.

  • Ghoomar
  • Bhavai Dance
  • Kalbelia
  • Chari or Pot Dance?
  • Dandiya
  • Kachhi Ghodi
  • Terah Taal
  • Gair
  • Fire dance
  • Kathputli
  • Pabuji Ki Phach
  • Maand
  • Panihari

Art Galleries in Rajasthan

Rajasthani art is famous for its vibrant colours and embroidery. Their use of metal in embroidery makes these creations stand apart. The art galleries exhibit both traditional and modern art and the works of famous artists. The Rajasthani arts and paintings have a touch of the local culture and dress in all their creations. Many well-known artists travel to Rajasthan to paint their own works on canvas get inspired by the local scenery. The blend of Rajasthani local culture, with its golden colour and different hues, mesmerises art lovers. From camels to dancers and sand dunes in the desert, one can find the scenes of the Rajasthani landscape and surroundings in many of the well-known international artist’s works.

  • Under the Sun Aquarium
  • Jewels, Lake Palace, Jaipur
  • Mukesh Art Gallery.
  • Gyan Museum
  • Shiva Textile
  • Diwan-e-Aam Hall

Famous Forts in Rajasthan:

Rajasthani forts are decorative and rare symbols of blended architecture borrowed from different cultures. They are located mostly on the top of the mountains or in the middle of the lakes. A visit to these palaces will inspire you. Rajasthan architecture is a blend of Sultanate and Hindu architecture, and the windows, walls, and roof architecture are the true art form and imagination of the best architects of the old period. When a tourist visits these places, the forts, halls, and Havelis filled with art and murals tell the storey of the kings and battles that no one forgets even after so many years.

  • Amer Fort, Jaipur
  • Jalore Fort, Jalore
  • Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer
  • Gagron Fort, Jhalawar
  • Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur
  • Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh
  • Junagarh Fort, Bikaner
  • Ranthambore Fort
  • Khimsar Fort, Nagaur
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajsamand

Famous structures of architecture in Rajasthan:

Mru-Gurjara architecture- a hybrid of Hindu and Mughal architecture, dominates Rajasthani architecture, which one can see on all forts and walls. The incredible craftsmanship of the old royal architects, as well as their imaginations, continue to captivate any visitor. Chhatris are eminent, dome-shaped porches used as a constituent in the architecture of India. The durbar hall and the houses of noblemen, traders’ palace and beautiful pillars, and the eclectic architecture of the forts reflects the power of the Rajput princely states in the 8th through the 18th centuries and beyond.

  • Chhatri
  • Jaali
  • Jharokha
  • Stepwells
  • Haveli
  • Courtyards of Haveli.

Paintings in Rajasthan:

The painting of Rajasthan is famous for its details and colour mixing. They are colourful and tell a storey of their past. These paintings are the true symbols of the tradition of Rajasthan. The paintings of Rajasthan have a very deep connection with the Mughal artisans and art. While the gemstone paintings are unique in nature, they are featured excellently in many art pieces from the past. Different treasured and semi-valuable stones in the paintings create beautiful art forms in ornaments and add attraction to those paintings.

  • Sanjhya painting,
  • Phad painting,
  • Pichwai painting
  • Miniature painting
  • Gemstone Paintings
  • Kajali Paintings
  • Paintings by Bani Thani
  • Kishangarh Painting

Traditional food in Rajasthan that you can try:

Rajasthan offers a long list of mouth-watering traditional foods. You can enjoy many varieties of traditional food here. Rajasthani food and culinary are very rich in local flavor, and one can taste it from the small snack to the mega thali, or multi-course lunch and dinner served on a large plate. The traditionally prepared food of Rajasthani meals is very famous in India. People from different parts of India visit Rajasthan to enjoy their traditional meals when they plan a tour to the state.

The list of a few food items includes:

  • Laal Maas
  • Mohan Thaal
  • Mawa Kachori
  • Mirchi Bada
  • Dal Bati Churma-Traditional Food of Rajasthan

Activities for tourists to enjoy

The tourism department organises many activities in the state for tourists to participate in and enjoy. They are affordably priced too. Tourists will have an exciting time here when they mount a camel and walk through the sand dunes and marketplaces. Besides, the kite flying festival attracts the attention of travellers from across the world, and many tourists come and participate in this event. Desert camping is again popular among truckers. In addition, the music played by the locals around the bone fire at night is again a local flavour of the cultural narrative. You will never forget the trip to Rajasthan if you participate in all the activities organised by the tourism department.

  • Ranthambhore Safari
  • Hot-air ballooning
  • Desert Camping
  • Chokhi Dhani
  • Rajasthan Vintage Car Rally
  • Dune Bashing
  • Music of the Kalbeliya Tribe
  • Pushkar has a horseback safari.
  • Kite Festival

When it comes to travelling to India, one should add the best tourist spots in different tourist locations to their itinerary in Rajasthan too. To get a deep insight into the best places to visit in a limited span of time, an experienced tourism company’s help will do wonders. It will save you time and money. OWN HOLIDAY CLUB is one of the most reliable and experienced travel planners in India. Their executives will assist you with your travel plans and make the journey an enjoyable experience.

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