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Famously known as South Goa's neglected cousin, Gokarna, a lovely place in Karnataka, is one of India's most exciting beach destinations. It's a beautiful place to visit and plan an unforgettable vacation. The Gokarna tourist places have a magnetic property of attracting you to them. This beach town has everything from amazing sunsets to the best resorts for enjoying the nightlife in Gokarna.

Gokarna means - Ear of the Cow. This name was based on a legend saying that Lord Shiva was born from the Ear of a Cow. Sprawling beaches (Nirvana beach and Om beach), the bliss of nature, the serene countryside areas, and the blend of cultures attract travelers and hippies from around the world to Gokarna.

The Gokarna tour packages OHC provides are a mixture of the best hotels and private beach resorts in Gokarna. Plan your upcoming Gokarna stay with Own holiday club to get the top places to stay with the best rooms in Gokarna. Please fill out the form given below to learn more about the accommodation and to reach our experts to get a better idea about an insignificant known paradise - Gokarna

Om Beach
Half Moon Beach
Namaste Cafe
Mirjan Fort
Bhadrakali Temple
Baada Beach
Lalguli Falls

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