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Best Places to Visit in Africa with Family

What else do you need to see in this world? Cape Town is the richest place in the world for scenery, natural beauty, mountain peaks, greeneries, and animals freely grazing in the plans and plateaus. Come and visit Cape Town, the best in Africa.

At the northern end of the Cape, the peninsula is Table Mountain, National Park. Here you can take part in hiking, biking, surfing, paragliding, whale-watching trips, and cage dives. The sub mountain here is 1087 meters high and has a flat top. It’s a new world above the world. It’s a massive bed of sandstone and slate.

Table Mountain National Park has 1407 flower species, making this place the richest floral kingdom in the world. See the animals across the park: snub-nosed dassies caracals, and baboons. A layer of clouds more often covers the mountain peak, called a "table cloth." The wind blows on the cold and windy peaks where people rush to enjoy the natural beauty.

More than 40,000 natural plant species have been studied and protected on the 528-acre Wander Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Proteas, the scented garden, the collection of cycads, the sculpture garden, and greenhouse plants from the arid region are all very attractive here. Then visit the company's garden, an oasis of exotic trees, flowers, aviaries, and ponds. On your way, drop in at the Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium, and the Iziko National Gallery.

Sunbathe at Clifton and Camps Bay Beaches—here you can see the white-sand beaches being licked every second by the mild waves. Here is the first beach, a renowned volleyball venue.

Shop The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront: Here is the Warf and the location of shops, jazz venues, restaurants, hotels, theatres, drama schools, cinemas, and museums. Then go to the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum and walk into the Two Oceans Aquarium, where 300 species of aquatic creatures are housed.

The Cape Wheel in the Market Square: This is the giant wheel, fully enclosed and air-conditioned, that will give you a 360-degree view of the city.

Robben Island was the prison where Nelson Mandela was housed in prison. Where you can see the remains of the past and the history of South Africa’s freedom struggle.

Chapman's Peak Drive is the place where you can enjoy the jaw-dropping driving experience on this route. Besides miles of curving roads and sea-peeping mountain peaks, this place is famous for the Cape Argus Cycle Race and the Two Oceans Marathon.

And enjoy excellent seafood here, something you get nowhere else; the taste, the treat, and the experience when you eat.

The signal hill tells the history of how the signal flags were sent from the top of the lion’s head peak. There is a canon placed on the peak wand that is activated with a single shot. Seeing the sunset from the top of this.

Woodstock, the Old Biscuit Mill: If you are talented, then this is the place to come and create and exhibit your talents. From food, food, and art to clothing and homemade goods, all the local talents are exhibited here. This is a market for talents. The market has helped discover the most talented artists and designers. Here you can also visit restaurants, food stalls, workshop spaces, and designer stores.

If you are fond of the sea creatures, especially the predators, visit Simon's Town, Dyer Island, Mossel Bay, Seal Island, and Gansbaai. Here you can come across the white sharks, the real predators. And also enjoy time with seals, dolphins, penguins, and whale-watching.

Cape Town City Hall-the architectural wonder blended Italian Neo-Renaissance and British colonial style. It has got a 60-meter-high bell tower. This structure is magnificently designed with beautiful mosaic floors, a marble staircase, and impressive stained glass. You can also attend the performance of the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra.

Here at the Castle of Good Hope are all the collections from Asia, Europe, and South Africa, including the William Fehr Collection, which includes pictures, porcelain, fine glass, ceramics, and furniture.

Food in South Africa.

  • Durban Chicken Curry.
  • Milk Tarts
  • Apricot Blatjang.
  • Malva Pudding
  • Beef bobotie.

Art in South Africa

  • Paleolithic Rock Art

South African music

  • Marabi
  • Gospel
  • Classical and art music.
  • Pennywhistle jive

Festivals in South Africa:

  • Minstrel Carnival in Cape Town
  • International Mozart Festival in Johannesburg
  • Pride in Cape Town
  • The Cape Town International Jazz Festival
  • Constantia Fresh Wine and Food Festival
  • The Cape Town Street Food Festival
  • The South African Cheese Festival

South African Craft

  • Plastic beads and recycled objects
  • Mural arts
  • Clay and wood figurines
  • Musical Instrument Production
  • Body Painting
  • Fertility Dolls
  • creation made from brass and copper wire

Musical instruments of South Africa

  • Ramkie
  • Mamokhorong
  • Chipendani.
  • Pennywhistle

How to travel to Cape Town?

  • By Air
  • By Rail
  • By Road

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