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Places to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar, virgin nature resides here, and so do the fragrance of the mild breeze and the song of the brook. Here you have everything, and the tranquillity of Buddhist ministries is really attractive. This place is famous for having hundreds of Buddhist temples. If you like beaches and Buddha, then Myanmar is the right destination for you. Here you can also visit and enjoy serene white beaches along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Undoubtedly, here is the palm-fringed white sand, the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Famous Places in Myanmar

  • Htilominlo Temple was built with red rocks. This temple is three stories tall and enjoys an elevation of 46 meters and is famous for its plaster modeling. These are the Buddha statues that you see facing different directions.
  • The Pindaya Caves in Pindaya, Shan State, are a well-known Buddhist pilgrimage site located on the limestone ridge of the Myelat region.
  • If you enjoy cruise tours, then the Ayeyarwady River is the best option. It is the longest river that reaches up to the Andaman Sea.
  • Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, is the real attraction if you are looking for peace and scenic beauty. This is the place where the most sacred and the busiest pagoda are situated. This beautiful Shwedagon pagoda is gold-plated and stone-studded. This is the place you will land and see the local green lakes, shady parks, and verdant tropical trees. Enjoy shopping and dining on Myanmar’s authentic specialty goods and foods all over, and visit Bogyoke Aung San Market, Theingyi Zay, China Town, and Anawrahta Road to get the most out of Myanmar when you look for Myanmar dishes. Here you have plenty of food outlets and shopping outlets.
  • Bagan is one of the massive temples and archaeological wonders you will see here. Enjoy seeing the architecture of the 3000 Bhagan temples. Take a hot air balloon tour to explore the temple sites.
  • Mandalay-the capital of ancient Myanmar. The Mahamuni Buddha image, Shwenandaw, Kuthodaw, and the complex architecture of Mandalay Hill will welcome you here. See the longest teak bridge, the U Bein Bridge, in Amarapura
  • Here you can see the unique fishing methods used by the fishermen while rowing with one leg in this lake. The natural beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings transport you to the depths of the earth. Besides, you will witness silk weavers and silversmiths plying their trade on the lake. Pagodas, monasteries, and, of course, good local restaurants serve you warm local dishes to enjoy. A visit to this place is worthwhile.
  • Situated on the mountain, what you are going to see now is the Golden Rock Pagoda, also known as the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda. This pagoda, the temple, stands on the edge of a big rock on the top of a mountain. Then comes the pagoda festival and candlelit night. It is an amazing event at night.
  • If you are fond of rolling hills and idyllic villages, then visit Kengtung, the capital of the Golden Triangle. Here reside many Burmese ethnic tribes, mountains, valleys, and greenish-thick forests that are the attractions here. Here is the place where you can sit on a rock and take medication. And be aware of nature.
  • Go to this HPAIn. In An town by cart, in the southeast of Yangon, vendors, and markets are the attractions here. You are surrounded by limestone mountains, and deep below you can see the calm lake where you can ferry for some time. On Mount Zwegabin, visit the medieval monastery and see the unique architecture, layout, and scenes you can catch on your camera.
  • The National Museum of Myanmar has 14 separate galleries that run the length of the Irrawaddy River, allowing you to see many high-quality art collections. The history of calligraphy collections is the other attraction here. The other attractions here are Myanmar's intricately carved, jewel-and gold-encrusted 8 m (26 ft) tall throne, and browsing elaborately carved, gilded altarpieces, ornate imperial robes, and armouries.
  • The art and architecture of Myanmar

    • Panbe (blacksmithing)
    • Panbu (sculpture)
    • Plantain (gold and silversmithing)
    • Pantin (bronze casting)
    • Pantaut (making floral designs using masonry)
    • Panyan (bricklaying and masonry)
    • Pantamault (stone sculpture)
    • Panpoot (turning designs on a lathe)
    • Panchi (painting)
    • Panyun (lacquerware)

    Music instruments in Myanmar

    • Kyey Se (Burmese bell), Linkwin (cymbals), Ci Wain (gong circle), Maun Sain (gong set).
    • Kyo-string instruments: Saung (harp), Tayaw (fiddle), and Mi Guang (three-stringed musical instrument appearing as a crocodile).
    • Thaye-Drums-Oozi (pot drum), Dobat (double-headed slung drum), Patna (Principal drum), Sidaw (Royal Drum), Sitou (short drum), Chauklon Pat (six drums), Bjo (long drum), Horizontal Drum (Sakhun) and Pat wain (drum circle)
    • Lei: wind instruments—Hne (oboe), Palwei (flute) and Khayuthin (conch shell)
    • Wa Patala (Wood Xylophone)

    Festivals in Myanmar

    • The Kachin Manaw Festival
    • Ananda Pagoda Festival:
    • The Naga New Year Festival
    • The Golden Hilltop Festival
    • Thingyan Water Festival:
    • Shittaung Pagoda Festival:
    • Kason Festival in May
    • Waso Chinlone Festival in July
    • Taungbyone Nat Festival
    • Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival
    • Thadingyut Festival Of Lights
    • Kyaukse Elephant Dance Festival:
    • Taunggyi Balloon Festival,
    • The Bodhi Tree Watering Festival
    • Tipitaka Festival,
    • Regatta Festival:

    Dances in Myanmar

    • Ou: Zi Dancing
    • Dou:ba’ Dance
    • Byaw (Bjo) Dance
    • The Boun Gyi Dance
    • Dance of Naban Zan
    • The U Shway Yoe Dance

    How to travel in Myanmar?

    • By Air
    • By Road
    • By Water

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