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Gujarat has got more unexplored tourist locations, arts and artefacts than any other tourist location in India. You can find remarkable architecture, temples, palaces, mansions, handicrafts, and other handicraft rare collections here.

Ahmedabad is the declared UNESCO heritage city in India. Here you can find magnificent Indo-Islamic architecture and Hindu Muslim art and the French Haveli besides the famous Gandhi Ashram.

Dumas Beach is a rural beach location in Gujarat and a hot tourist spot one should visit. The Dariya Ganesh Temple is another attraction at the same beach location. There is a strong belief that the beach is haunted due to its supernatural character. The locals believe that this place was once upon a time, a burial ground.

The Modhera Sun Temple is dedicated to the sun god, in the Modhera village of Mehsana district, Gujarat is located on the banks of the river Pushpavati. The unique feature of this temple is that it has got 3 parts, Gudhamandapa, the shrine hall; Sabhamandapa, the assembly hall; and Kunda, the reservoir. The temple is believed to have been built by Bhima-1 of the Chalukyas dynasty. Another feature of this spot is the stepwell. There are many steps to the bottom of the well. The halls have magical interiors with carved walls and pillars.

The main attractions here:

  • The miniature and the niche shrines in the tank
  • Dancing hall
  • The temple was constructed at a latitude of 23.6°.
  • Maru-Gurjara style of buildings and Art.
  • The shrine (garbhagriha) has 3 parts: a hall (gudhamandapa), the outer or assembly hall (sabha mandapa or rangamandapa), and a sacred reservoir (Kunda) These are the main attractions.
  • The Textile Museum, a unique museum dedicated to handicrafts and weaving in Gujarat, Calico Mills, is the heart of the textile industry.

The textile displays here:

  • The court textiles were used by the Mughal and provincial rulers.
  • Regional embroideries of the 19th century.
  • Tie-dyed textiles
  • Textiles of religion

Exhibits include ritual art and sculpture, temple hangings, miniature paintings, South Indian bronzes, Jain art and sculpture, and furniture and crafts.

The Laxmi Vilas Palace is the residence of the Gaekwad royal family. It is also the residence of the Baroda rulers, with many royal family members still residing there. Here the attractions are the Coronation Room, Gaddi Hall (containing the thrones of past kings), Darbar Hall, and the Royal Armoury.

Baroda another hot tourist spot is famous for the Navratri Dance Festival.

  • Champaner and Pavagadh are the two best tourist spots in Gujarat, where the attractions are hill fortresses, palaces, places of worship, and step wells. The Hindu and Islamic architectural and archaeological symbols of old creations are the unique attraction of this location.
  • If you are fond of tribal art and festivals, Chota Udaipur District in Gujarat is the right place to visit. The famous Vaacha Museum of Voice is here. This museum has got a rich collection of documents from tribes from across the country. Musical instruments, paintings, sculptures, textiles, images of worship, and agricultural equipment. Bhasha Van, the language forest.

The Step wells:

  • The widowed wife, of the Solanki-I, had constructed Runi Vav, or Step Well, sourcing water from the River Sarasvati-seven levels, and panels containing more than 500 main sculptures and over 1,000 minor ones-for the women to fetch water without being exposed to the external world.
  • Sidhpur is another hot destination where the temples and other Hindu pilgrimage centres are located. In Sidhpur, the main attraction is the Rudra Mahalaya Temple, with its towering carved pillars and torans and its ruins.
  • In Polo Forest, where Hindu and Jain’s temples are many, you can find them here. It was built by the Idar kings and later conquered by the Rathod Rajputs of Marwar.
  • Dwaraka is the temple and city were built in 200 BC. You will find the ancient remains of the city of Lord Krishna. The Krishna Janmashtami festival is a famous event here. And, decorated camels, tea stalls, and seashell jewellery sellers can be found here.
  • Narara Marine National Park: the area is made up of 42 islands, 33 of which are surrounded by coral reefs in Gujarat, making it a good attraction for bird lovers.
  • Somnath -The famous Hindu pilgrimage temple here is Somnath. The Maha Shivratri is the most attractive celebration here.
  • Junagadh-a place at Uparkot Fort, built-in 319 BC by Chandragupta Maurya. You can see some of them here. They are the main attraction here.

Festivals and fairs in Gujarat:

  • Diwali
  • Rann Utsav
  • Uttarayan (International Kite Festival)
  • Shamlaji fair on foot or camel carts
  • Vautha Mela- Animal trade festival of Gujarat
  • Rath Yatra
  • Fair of Bhavnath Mahadev

Somnath Temple
Statue of Unity
Dumas Beach
Modhera Sun Temple

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